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Work from Home Wisdom Facebook page

Work from Home Wisdom Facebook pageSo now you know I’m no expert on social media but one thing I am trying to do with the Work from Home Wisdom Facebook page is to create a useful resource for home workers. As with everything I do with social media, it’s not my own idea. I’ve copied it from The BIG Jelly Facebook page I created with Jan Minihane in the build-up to the event in March. Jan, who is a social media expert, suggested I post links to articles and sites related to Jelly, coworking and small business. When The BIG Jelly was over, it finally dawned on me that this would be a good idea for my own page, where I was already posting new blogs and occasional comments.

It’s a good place to post bits and pieces more or less related to home working that I stumble upon and enjoy, but don’t have the time or inspiration to turn into blog posts. Now I have somewhere to share them with other home workers that’s more permanent than a quick tweet. Sometimes they make it onto the website as well, like Yuvi Zalkow’s funny video about the sleek, minimalist desks he admires online, and his own, erm, slightly less sleek and minimalist table. I was worried I might be overdoing the photos of gorgeous workspaces, so it struck a chord.

Do let me know if there’s a subject you’d like me to cover more (or less) often, and I’ll see what I can find to oblige. I have some favourite sites that are mines of slightly offbeat posts, and return to them again and again. And please let me know your own favourite destinations, whether they are information sites, blogs, collections of photos, whatever, as I’m always looking for new resources to plunder!

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