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5 steps to your perfect garden office

My home office, Natalie Andrews, NA Business ServicesThe long days of summer tempt many home workers outside when the weather is good, and maybe make you think you’d like to work outside your house whatever the weather. Today’s guest post is from Policy Expert, the insurance specialists:
‘A garden office could be an attractive and practical option for those who work from home.
‘Surrounded by the flowers and nature of your garden, it could be an ideal alternative to the confines of your house.
‘If this sounds appealing, here are 5 tips to consider before creating and designing your own garden office haven.
The right choice for you
‘Before you start looking for your picture-perfect garden office, it’s important to assess your outdoor space beforehand. All gardens vary in shape and size, so it’s a good idea to take accurate measurements of your garden before starting your search.
‘Many garden/outdoor office companies can take these measurements and create a computer generated image of your garden. By superimposing the office of your choice into the garden image, you can get a feel for how it would look. It could also give you a greater feel for where it would be best located.
Shop around
‘As always, it’s advisable to shop around and compare prices of garden offices. Many companies will have showrooms where you can go and view the type of office you’re interested in. Prices can vary considerably, so it’s helpful to see exactly what size and style you’re getting for your money.
Choose your spot
‘Once you’ve selected your garden office, it’s important to find the best location for it. Think about the proximity to your house and to your neighbour’s outdoor space. Where would be the most peaceful? Which spot has the nicest outlook?
Wiring up
‘Before your garden office is installed, think carefully about what you’ll use it for and what you need in it. If you’ll be using laptops, printers and scanners – you’ll need full electricity. If your home Wi-Fi won’t reach to the end of your garden, will you need an internet cable or Wi-Fi booster?
Get it covered
‘Finally, always check that your home insurance covers the garden office and all its content. Whenever you make additions or modifications to your home – such as erecting a new structure – you must inform your insurance company. Garden offices can cost thousands of pounds, so you may need to extend your cover to make sure it’s fully protected under your existing policy.
‘In addition, make sure you have adequate contents insurance. A standard policy might not automatically cover items in an outbuilding, so it’s wise to check this out.’
This post was written by Katie Sheeran who regularly blogs for insurance site Policy Expert.

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  1. Rob Floyd says:

    I think this is an excellent post. Most people use their bedrooms or living rooms for their office. This leads them to being distracted easily. I work from my garden in a shed similar to the picture. I find it much more peaceful and can get work done.

  2. judy says:

    Thanks, Rob. I find that many home workers dream of a garden office for exactly the reasons you cite. Actually being able to leave the house to go to work must be a great psychological boost.