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Things I need to remember when moving home (office)

Moving home officeWe now have moving pretty much under control, with plans and lists compiled over time, but there are still a few things that catch me out:

  • There’s always a demoralising time when I’ve been packing for ages and still the kitchen seems full of stuff I can’t put away because we need to keep eating and drinking in the run-up to the move. Somehow it does all get packed up and carted away in the end, usually in a random selection of boxes so I can’t remember what I put where.
  • Before the removal men arrive it will seem a physical impossibility that all our furniture and boxes can be moved out to leave an empty house. But once they start, the place empties with astonishing speed and it’s hard to keep up with the cleaning.
  • Removal men expend a lot of calories – why do I never remember they might want sugar in their tea and pack it away in the depths of an irretrievable box?
  • And that cleaning – it always takes longer than you anticipate, even when you’ve done as much as possible beforehand. I hate that feeling of being left behind in the ‘old’ place when everything and everyone else has gone on to the new house.
  • That moment of disconnecting from the internet before packing the computer equipment is always a queasy one. It feels like I might never get back online, perfectly justified given our experience with BT over several moves.

But enough whinging – eight days later we got back online and in the meantime thank goodness for our local workhub, The Old Church School in Frome, which has rescued us numerous times from internet isolation.

What are your highs and lows of moving home (office)?

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  1. Frances Evesham says:

    We used to move every two years as a military family. Most important thing was the box with tea, milk, cups, biscuits, bottle of wine and bottle opener. So long as we had that, all was well. Oh yes and the iPad!

    • We moved rather too often at one point, and I agree that most things look a lot better after a cuppa and a handful of chocolate biscuits! And put the bed together and make it up as soon as you get to the new place, so you can fall into later…