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Blogging for technophobe home workers

See a man about a blog - Andy BritnellI’ve been blogging for almost two years now, sometimes every day, sometimes sporadically, and I’ve read quite a few of those ‘how to’ and ‘what not to do’ articles. Or at least I’ve tried to read them and usually got lost or bored part way in and given up.

The trouble with blogging is that to the newcomer tentatively trying to find out more about it – why should I do it, how can I start, how do I add images etc – the information available is overwhelming and might as well be in a different language. Even when you’ve started and want to know a little more, it’s still pretty impenetrable.

My partner A, who is my (long-suffering) one-man IT department, got me started and still interprets the technicalities for me. Somebody saw my blog and asked him to do one for her, and then somebody else, and now he’s found himself with a blogging string to his coaching and training bow.

After helping a few clients set up and tweak their blogs he’s now started his own. is written in plain English, not geekspeak, it’s blogging for the terrified, for the technophobe or anyone who wants a straightforward guide. A understands all your fears because he has to deal with me on a daily basis, and he’s facing them himself as he writes his own posts. Check him out – he’ll be delighted to hear your feedback and answer your questions.

Oh, and the name came from a client, who told a friend she was going to…!

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  1. Sharon says:

    Yep, it’s fast becoming an entertaining and useful ‘place to go’ for me. I appreciate Andy’s clarity of writing and sense of humour 🙂

    • judy says:

      Thanks, Sharon, I know A will be thrilled to hear that! The poor man has had to hone his skills on a rather dim student, and a sense of humour has been his only salvation :0)

  2. Nicky Kriel says:

    I, too, have a partner who is helping me overcome my technopobia. He laughs at me when I react to my laptop by raising my hands in alarm when something goes wrong.

    Andy’s blog is great!

  3. judy says:

    Aren’t we lucky? There is no way I could do what I do without A’s backup – I would probably still be using a typewriter!
    Thanks for the comment – I’ll pass it on 🙂

  4. Sharon says:

    Some people should still use a typewriter (she says looking in her husband’s direction). I think a good sense of humour is totally essential when you work from home 😀

  5. judy says:

    He he, the joys of both partners working from home, eh? I could write many pages on that topic and I’m sure get plenty of comments!
    I so agree that a sense of humour is vital for any home worker, particularly the ability to laugh at one’s own foibles! Otherwise you lose perspective very quickly and everything goes downhill rapidly.

  6. Ros says:

    What a great idea…I’m heading over there now to take a peek!

    • judy says:

      Let us know what you think, Ros. I’ve just taken a peek at your blog and you look rather expert already, not to mention a jolly fine photographer. If there’s anything that would please A more than a comment on his blog, it’s a comment from a musician!