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Home working weather from hell

Home working weather from hellI hate this cold, snowy weather. Hate it, loathe it, detest it. I’ve been longing for a mild winter for several years, but British weather stubbornly refuses to deliver. I know that home workers are supposed to be ideally placed to coast smugly through severe weather with no disruption to their usual routines, but that’s not the case for me.

To start with, I seem to feel the cold more than most people, and feeling cold means I end up tense and hunched over the computer. The dark and the cold and spending more time indoors seem to draw me mentally and emotionally inward too, and that makes me grumpy and miserable. That’s the reason I haven’t done any more videos or investigated audio blogs – my mood would come over all too clearly! My motivation and productivity start to suffer and then I feel guilty and start to slide down the home working spiral.

So these days I tend to cut myself a lot more slack in this kind of weather. I plan lots of treats during the day, like popping down the road for a coffee, and give myself more time to read, tweet or do other less obviously productive jobs. I’ve started my usual New Year clearout earlier this year and give vent to my frustration by gleefully shredding paperwork that’s no longer needed.

Yes, I’m well aware that out there is a winter wonderland, but all too often in here at this time of year is one very disgruntled home worker longing for lighter days and warmer temperatures. Animals hibernate and I wish home workers could too. At least I have Jelly to look forward to next week…

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  1. Sharon says:

    May I hibernate til spring with you?

    Good for you having contingency plans in place for when you know you’re going to need cheering up. If you like shredding please feel free to call round any time 🙂

    Enjoy your Jelly!

    • judy says:

      Please do, Sharon. What’s needed is a hotel for winter-weary home workers! Just waiting for the temperature to go above freezing, when I will thaw out too!

  2. Ali Davies says:

    Judy, I feel your pain!!!! Although I have to say I am the opposite.
    I’m loving the weather even with it’s challenges. It makes me break my normal approach and think creatively about other options.
    By way of offering you some hope and optimism, less than two weeks until the light nights start coming back!!!!

    • judy says:

      Thanks, Ali! I always count down to the shortest day and find it so encouraging when the days start to get noticeably longer.

  3. Judy – I’m with you partly!! I find I get so cold – have terrible circulation at the best of times, so I have to jig around, or hoover (yes really!), or have a quick trot out with the very happy dogs to get everything moving again! Do find myself wistfully thinking of sunnier climates – even if just for a holiday 🙂

    • judy says:

      Yes, I find cleaning is good for warming up too! Eating soup or a hot dinner is guaranteed to get the circulation back to hands and feet, but not to be recommended too frequently!

      I’m not sure how well I’d cope with returning to wintry Britain after a holiday somewhere sunny. The period of adjustment must be pretty cruel!

  4. Just noticed whilst booking an appointment that the first day of winter doesn’t start until 21st December! That does not fill me with glee 🙁

    • judy says:

      Maybe this year it will mark the end of icy winter and the beginning of that mythical thing, the mild winter. Maybe…

  5. Judy I am with you on this too – I detest this time of year especially now I work from home. With shorter hours of daylight it makes it even worse. But it is a great idea to have some treats and get out as much as possible and prevent complete hibernation and isolation!

    • judy says:

      You know it really helps to find I’m not alone in this! I find it quite scary how quickly I can lose a sense of proportion, not to mention my sense of humour, in these dark, cold days. I’m so looking forward to Frome Jelly next week and catching up with other home workers.

  6. Emma Windsor says:

    Judy, I hate to say this but the weather will be getting worse. Treat yourself to some sexy thermals I don’t leave the house with out mine. I too hate the cold but love going out and hearing the crispness under foot. Coming back to a warm home and food is delightful 😀

  7. judy says:

    I know, I know, I keep looking at the forecast with dread. Sexy thermals, eh? I may well have to invest in some of those to keep my spirits up, altho I might forget I’m actually wearing them because of all the layers on top!