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Work from Home Essentials No.4: A Functioning Kettle

Working from home essentials no 4 - A functioning kettleI have to admit I’ve tended to overlook how crucial this everyday item is, especially in winter. My kettle must be at least 10 years old and had become part of the background in the kitchen. The switch has been a bit dodgy lately and I’d actually started taking notice of possible replacements, but somehow it was still a surprise when it failed to turn on yesterday!

And I hadn’t really appreciated quite how often it’s used at this time of year for cooking, drinks and… hot water bottles, a very recent discovery and revelation in this house. I have a hazy recollection of using a pink hot water bottle when I was a student living in rented rooms with no central heating, but I must have ditched it long ago.

We have central heating in this house but the bedrom is still cold and the bed freezing to get into. A couple of friends suggested an electric blanket, but somehow it didn’t appeal, too elderly a purchase somehow! Hot water bottles seemed an acceptable alternative, especially when I spied some covered in fake fur in Heals while in London last weekend. And they became positively desirable when I found some almost identical ones in Boots at less than a third of the price!

What a difference! We can’t quite believe how much heat such a retro item generates and how long it lasts. I haven’t had recourse to them yet while working, but never say never, I might yet be following the advice of other home workers on keeping warm.

And they work much better when filled from the kettle (no, not boiling, I’m following maufacturers’ instructions) than a saucepan – I’m just too impatient. A coffee break is much longer without the kettle too (although that could be an advantage for a keen procrastinator).

So I’ll be off as soon as I can to find a new one. I’ve got my eye on one of these red Bodum ones, but they may not be in stock…

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  1. margaret says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmm electric blanket elderly? I can’t believe I heard you, Judy Heminsly. Get one and you’ll realise it’s the other way round. A hotwater bottle is a cheapskate and totally inferior bedwarming solution. Fake fur or not, it’s still an old rubber bottle……………………..xx ( 🙂

    • judy says:

      Your need is greater than mine – I hope you get that boiler fixed very soon.
      Electric blanket fans are very passionate about them, I’m finding. What I really need is a bath, because then I’d already be lovely and warm…

  2. Rosie Smart says:

    Has the hot water bottle appeared on the Home Working Style page yet? Could be the solution to my problem. Felt very guilty putting the heating on during the day today but it was soooooooooo cold!!!

    • judy says:

      Now there’s a thought, I may have to do some styling tomorrow! Hot water bottles are certainly recommended by some home workers. I dread it getting cold enough to need one, I’ve managed for more than 20 years so far.
      Do you remember that phenomenon known as a mild winter? My memories are getting a bit hazy.

  3. margaret says:

    I’d like to start a world record for the number of layers I’m wearing in a heated room. Thank goodness I lost some weight otherwise I’d get stuck in the doorway 1 vest, 2 longsleeved tshirts (one in heat tech from Uniqlo) 1 thick jumper with a thick cardigan (both 100% pure new wool) silk scarf tucked in the neck. Long (Ralph Lauren) wool skirt (one of my fab NY bargains from several years ago), thick tights with thick leggings, socks and short boots…..wait, I think I have a photo opportunity here…will post it in a mo

  4. Dogsbody says:

    I highly recommend a Tefal Quick Cup Kettle. Instant hot water and saves a fortune in electricity if you are boiling a regular kettle a lot. The water isn’t quite boiling temperature which means you can drink the tea straight away.

    I’ve seriously considered moving the kettle from the kitchen onto my desk but I would never get up :-p

    Not an advert, just a home worker that likes his tech, oh and this blog 🙂

    • judy says:

      Thanks, Dan, I’ve seen those and wondered how efficient they are. Get a tap next to your desk as well and there’d be absolutely no reason to move, you could bed down there for the winter.

      So glad you like the blog and it’s good to hear from you.

  5. margaret says:

    Ian bought a clever thing from t’internet a while ago, it’s a thermal coffee cup with a filter in the lid. You put real coffee in the cup, pour water in (not boiling) then when you think it’s brewed you can push the separate filter down where the grounds are pressed and contained at the bottom of the cup, then drink the coffee, this is always much hotter than coffee brewed any other way as the cup in insulated, even if you add cold milk it’s a hot cuppa. 🙂