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Favourite home worker things No 1

Favourite Home Worker Things
There’s been a great response to my previous post about the little things that lighten a home worker’s load, so I’m starting to publish them sooner than expected. The first to arrive was from Paul Graves, @cyteen02, who says:

‘Here’s one of my favourite home worker things. This is a picture of the outside of my first floor window. I have a couple of bird feeders, which at the moment are a favourite haunt of a family of 2 adult and 3 recently fledged blue tits.  It’s a wonderful reminder of life outside my office.

‘Home working, as an IT specialist, has a load of benefits, especially as I’m a family man and delight to be around them all a bit more. But there are times when I feel I live in my office, so any reminder of life outside is much appreciated.’

Thanks, Paul, I think many of us can identify with that. I’ve got more favourite home worker things lined up ready for publication so please keep ’em coming!

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  1. Jez Cope says:

    Yay, I want one of those! I love being able to watch the birds in the garden from the window, but I’d never thought of
    sticking a feeder to it.

    • judy says:

      When A and I stayed in a B&B recently, we watched the birds on the feeder on the kitchen window while we ate breakfast. Until a couple of squirrels decided they would have a go, hanging off it in all kinds of contortions to get the nuts. Determined little beasts.

  2. Sue says:

    My home working view is similar. A pigeon has befriended me and lands on the window sill to say hello!
    Also the nearby telegraph wire hosts the daily bird networking groups chatting away about who knows the best place to get scraps!
    Hummmmmmm have I been home a lone too long?

    • judy says:

      I couldn’t possibly comment, Sue, perhaps you need to be a bit mad to be a home worker at all! I love it in the autumn when the birds gather on the wire and then swoop around in flocks. One of the best places for that is Brighton, where they gather on the old pier – if it’s still there?

  3. Paul Graves says:

    There are a number of places which sell window feeders like that, but I got mine from the RSPB website –

    I’ve had to stick some cardboard around the edges, to make the entrance a little smaller, to stop the pigeons sitting in the middle of it and clearing all the food I’ve put out in just a few minutes.

  4. Chrissie says:

    Lovely:) If I had one of those I probably wouldn’t get any work done!

  5. We’ve just had a few additions at the mill where we live this week. Not birds but newly born lambs. It’s a delight to see new life come into this world and watch their antics as they explore the environment around them.

    Being in touch with nature is a great leveller when you work from home – it makes me take myself less seriously 🙂