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Reviewing kit for the home office – kneeling chair

Kneeling chair I recently wrote a post about the kneeling chair unexpectedly given to me by a friend, and readers have asked me to report back on how I found it.

So I decided to write this as a review, although unlike our other reviews this is for a generic product, rather than a specific make and model. I hope it will help you decide whether you want to invest in a kneeling chair yourself.

Design ****
As a kneeling chair is designed to help your body rather than look good, it might take you a while to learn to love its unconventional shape. At first it looked a bit odd in front of my desk when I’ve had a traditional office chair there for years, but now I’m used to it.

New kneeling chairs seem to be covered in unexciting plain fabric, but someone has recovered mine with a blue striped material, which I love.

Easy to use? ****
It feels a little awkward at first to step into the gap between the kneepads and then bring up your knees onto them, but soon becomes second nature. I naturally changed position from sitting with my legs between the kneepads and feet on the floor, and knees up on the kneepads, before reading that it’s beneficial to do this. I enjoy rocking backwards and forwards when I’m thinking about something!

It’s bit more tricky to get up when you’re wrapped in a blanket this cold weather, but again it’s just a matter of practice.

I’m in the habit of putting papers and files down on my chair when I’ve stood up to get papers out of the filing cabinet, and having a sloping seat rather than a flat surface means I have to be careful they don’t slip off.

When I brought it home I really didn’t know if this was going to be a brief trial before I sent it on its way again, or if I’d alternate it with my trusty office chair that’s accompanied me around the SouthWest to a number of home offices. As it’s turned out, I haven’t even thought about using the office chair since I got the kneeling chair.

I expected it to feel very different from sitting in an office chair, and when it didn’t I wondered whether I was sitting on it properly. Until I let A have a try and was immediately struck by how effortlessly straight his back was.

Quality? *****
Although it’s at least third hand I’m very lucky to have a Stokke kneeling chair, which is now made by Varier Furniture of Norway and called the Variable Balans chair.

Worth the investment? *****
The current equivalent of my kneeling chair costs from £279, so it’s not an impulse purchase. I’d suggest trying one out in a shop before committing.

Overall score ***** 4.5

Best for
Home workers who are conscious of slumping in their chair and want the health benefits of keeping their spine straighter, strengthening core muscles, improving circulation and avoiding tension in the back and shoulders.

Buy your own Varier Variable Balans kneeling chair.

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