Things to consider when choosing an outdoor garden room

Garden Rooms in Sussex: A Brief guide to Outdoor buildings, Options And Purposes


Outdoor living may be possible in some climate conditions, but not every environment is suited to going all out and placing furniture and electronics on a patio or open courtyard. Fortunately, there are alternatives which allow for maximum use of areas of your garden which would otherwise been boring, or worse yet, bare dirt, concrete, or unsightly plants with no focal point or usable covered, comfortable, and protected space. An alternative which is growing in popularity are rooms set apart from the main living space and used for dedicated purposes. Continue reading to learn about these spaces and make use of our guide garden rooms ideas ad if you have any further questions then feel free to contact Garden Rooms Sussex and we would be happy to answer any questions you have.


When considering a bespoke garden room, it is important to first consider the intended purpose of the room. This decision will drive all other aspects of the design. If the space is to be used year-around, it will need some features which would not be necessary if it is only intended for use during the warm weather months. You will also need to consider placement of the structure in the garden. Site determination is important when considering how the room is to be built. If large equipment must be brought in, is access to the construction site readily available?


The purpose of the outdoor room will also affect the size of the construction. For example, if it is to be used to expand living space for the family, it will need to have lights and power and even perhaps water available. As a multipurpose room, it might be used for daytime lounging and relaxation, as well as for occasional overnight guests. In this instance, multi purpose furnishing and accoutrements are important, but the size of the room must taken into consideration.


When choosing a size and location, the structure can flow seamlessly from the house using walkways or other landscape features, or it can be set aside as a private and secluded retreat for one or more household members. Because of the typical purposes of such a room, the purpose will also help to define building materials. When combined with strategic landscaping, a windowed retreat can still be secluded and attractive in your outdoor setting. Wood construction, or other natural materials can be used for a more closed in feeling in the space, however, this may defeat the feeling of outdoor living space.


Creating Safe and Attractive Garden Offices

Luxury She Shed - open door - The Garden Room Guide

A garden office is an example of a dedicated purpose for the structure. Placing a home (or commercial) office in your garden is an easy way to separate a home-based business from your living activities. You will need to consider whether this separate office space is intended to receive clients or customers, or whether it is just for your own use. Of course, lighting and heating must also be considered. If your room is very light, making use of natural light, the orientation of the space and its furnishing is something to consider. Placement of a computer monitor, for example will affect how easy it is to see the screen if the sun is shining brightly outside.


Security of the space and any equipment which is placed in the room is another factor to consider. This relates both to physical and digital protections against sensitive information being released into cyberspace. The same care and protection against unwanted intrusion into your space should be applied for the garden office as you would for the business and residential premises.

Garden Gyms Make Working Out More Enjoyable

With the restrictions caused by the Coronavirus shutdowns, limitations and lockouts, many people who enjoyed working out in a gym or fitness center may find challenges in continuing their workout routines. A garden room outfitted with key workout equipment allows for workout sessions to take place in the privacy and security or your own space. You can enjoy a treadmill with cool breezes blowing across you or do an video aerobic fitness session with one of your favorite trainers. A home fitness center can be used by every member of the family and you don’t have to worry about wearing masks while riding a stationary bicycle.


Garden Pods Make Installation Fast and Easy


A growing number of designers are introducing garden pod ideas. These structures are more portable in some instances than a stick-built design. The pods are more likely to be acceptable to zoning regulations since the designers have already completed the building design process. Many of the pods use modern materials to allow for more curved and fluid lines in the finished structure. Pods for your garden are available in many different forms, which include guest bedroom, entertainment hub, hobby room, teenage hangout, play den or basic covered seating. You can choose curvaceous rooms clad in smart timber or other materials. These rooms tend to look more organic, and often do not need foundations or planning permission. They are quick to purchase and install.


Consider Cleaning and Pest Control

As with any household surface, some consideration should be given to keeping the space clean. Some of the cleaning measures will be linked to the environment and the use made of the structure. If you live in an area with a lot of pollen, or other allergens in the air, a moire open design for the structure may mean more frequent cleaning or air quality filter replacement. Protecting against dirt and allergens in the air of the room is particularly important if there are family members with breathing challenges.


The more open your garden structure is, the more likely you are to find pests of various kinds taking up residence in the room. Squirrels, mice, and other vermin can enjoy a population explosion, especially if the weather is getting colder. Other unwanted visitors include ants, spiders, bees and mosquitoes. Many insects are harmless, but others can be very destructive to fabrics, floor coverings and the structure of the building. Consider periodic consultations with and inspections by exterminators to keep your house and outdoor structure free of pests.

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