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Home working joys

Home working joys - cafeAs we’ve discussed before, little things matter when you work from home. My routine consists of lots of little activities as well as working, and here are a few of my latest home working joys:

1. Afternoon break in a cafe – I haven’t had any commitments away from home this week so I was very happy when A said he’d treat me to an ice cream at The Walled Garden at Mells, a pretty village just a few miles down the road. It’s a gorgeous spot to relax over tea and cake, and we also recommend a double scoop of espresso and chocolate fudge gelato!

Home working joys - mug2. A big mug – I like a decent-sized coffee in the morning and a polite cup just won’t do! This is my current favourite, bought at half price in a previous Habitat sale. It’s not reduced at the moment, although other items in the range are. They’re hand painted so vary a lot from piece to piece and you can choose whether you like more or less of the blue.

3. Reading My Tea Leaves – I’m always looking for new sites that will provide useful information for sharing on Twitter and Facebook. Often I surf from link to link and can’t remember how I ended up on a site I like. This blog by a New Yorker is about living simply and sustainably, so a perfect fit for my other blog All Things Bright & Good, about having a lovely life for less.

Home working joys - Timex watch4. My new Timex watch
– for years I’ve only worn silver jewellery, but suddenly I was bored with it and decided to try a few gold (coloured!) pieces for a change. As a child my first watch was a Timex so that was my first port of call when looking for a gold watch to match. I love the stripes on this Weekender Fairfield and the fact you can easily swap straps to change the look of it.

5. A novel, Friday Nights – there’s nothing like a novel for a bit of escapism after work. Joanna Trollope is one of my go-to authors for an easy and yet satisfying read. Easy because she writes so well it takes no effort to read, and satisfying because her characters and plot are so well drawn.


What are your home working joys? Tell us what makes your day!

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  1. Naomi Cohen says:

    So many!A proper breakfast (usually involving eggs). Ability to pop to gym for a class, yoga or swim. Commute of 30 seconds. Early start if I want. A lunchtime walk in the woods. Cup of tea in the garden. Meditation app if need to relax. Time to think about and prepare dinner (more healthy food for everyone!). What’s not to love?

  2. You sound like one happy home worker, Naomi 🙂 And I agree with all of your joys!

  3. Kevin Moore says:

    Worked from home for the last 20 years biggest joy was being there to see the children grow up. I got to see nearly all their school plays (sometimes five in a week), sports days now they are older I know have to do some actual work. Would not swap one moment for anything. Meeting them from school on nice summers day seems to take forever to walk home as we would take the scenic route through the local park (natural wood that had been turned over tot he community)

    • 5 school plays in a week – you deserve a medal! Lovely to hear that working from home has made such a difference to your, and your children’s, quality of life.

  4. moumita says:

    I hope it will be a feast for me too. Just started with home working.

  5. Dominic says:

    Glad I found your blog via the Guardian. Been working for home for about 5 years (from Stockholm, Sweden) and have found myself going quietly insane over the last year lol … 😛