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Unusual home office furniture

Unusual home office furniture - Off the Rails deskWorking from home means you lack the input provided by a commute, colleagues and a separate place to work.

So it’s vital that you like your home workspace, that it’s a place you want to be, and that your immediate surroundings are both comfortable and inspiring.

Once you’ve decided where you’re going to work in the house it’s fun to choose home office furniture that complements your style.

Or if you’ve already worked at home for a while it might be time for a refurb to refresh and stimulate.

Carly Elia was living in a warehouse in North London and wanted furniture that suited her surroundings. She told her dad about her idea to make use of reclaimed industrial scaffolding pipes and rustic wooden boards, and he built some furniture for her room.

Other people started asking if they could have some, and then friends of friends contacted Carly on Facebook, so she created a Facebook page, which became an Etsy shop. The business is now called Off the Rails and they’ve built bespoke pieces for boutiques, galleries, hotels and offices.

Unusual home office furniture - The Cube, Off the Rails The industrial clothing rails are very popular and are a great backdrop for Instagram pictures. The furniture is completely bespoke, so you can choose the size, type of wood and pipe colour. And you can take it apart if you move so it’s much easier to transport than a piece of furniture.

Have a look at the Off the Rails website to see their designs and get an idea of prices for home office furniture. And their Instagram account shows the furniture in use, even in a child’s nursery, where it fits in unexpectedly well!

Off the Rails’ latest design is The Cube (right), which brings together an entire freestanding room, which can be customised with shelving, stools, bike racks, desk, even a bed and ladder.

Looking at their photogenic furniture has inspired me to source some more pieces of unusual home office furniture. Enjoy:

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  1. Good morning, Judy. What a good idea—this refreshing furniture. I love Carly’s creative approach; some of us choose not to match every-
    thing to within an inch of its life—-from home and office furniture
    to our personal wardrobes, though we might own a dog who, on purpose or not, resembles us. Some of us have Home Corner Offices, too. :))
    It delights me to see Carly’s work table, so economically made,
    accompanied by that fine white chair. Makes me want to replace my swivel office chair, from which I, being short, continually slide. I can see, it is time for some serious looking in unlikely places. It must fit into my Home Corner Office with its 1-window view of the two dead-but-not-too-dead-looking trees. It’s good nobody else got this apartment; those trees might not be there now, but they suit me fine. Have a fine day.