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How to keep up with the news without overwhelm

Keep up with the newsYet more shocking news has exploded over us.

Terrorist attacks, natural disasters, economic crisis, government shenanigans, lately it has seemed like a constant barrage of bad news.

As business owners we want to keep up with the news, but working at home in isolation we can be vulnerable to getting sidetracked, demoralised and depressed by world events.

The websites of the national press and media are the obvious places to go for reliable updates when social media streams go ballistic with rumours and breaking news.

But they can be overwhelming. Here are a couple of places to go to keep up with the news that won’t push you off course for the rest of the day. Sadly my third recommendation, The Pool, has now closed down.

1. The Week – the print magazine is well-known for ‘key stories delivered in bite-size chunks’. Online The Daily Briefing on the home page brings you short headlines of Ten Things You Need to Know Today, which are updated during the day. That may be all you want, or you can click on each to read a short paragraph, and again on another link below each item if you want more.

2. iNews – the most succinct of the news websites, offering an ‘essential daily briefing’. The menu offers Essentials, Explainers, Distractions and Opinion, or you can scroll down for the Editor Picks.

Have you found any other quick ways to keep up with the news but not be consumed by it? We’re always happy to find new resources.

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