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Finding a serviced office in Hong Kong

Serviced office in Hong KongWe have readers all over the world, and try to provide information that’s useful to them all.

Today’s sponsored post from Servcorp will be of interest to those who live in Hong Kong permanently or have the exciting prospect of relocating there:

If you’re looking for a serviced office in Hong Kong for your business there’s every chance that you might be feeling ever so slightly overwhelmed by all of the choices available!

That is perfectly normal – after all, Hong Kong is the financial and trade powerhouse of Asia. As a result there are a whole host of serviced offices and solutions available for the discerning business to choose from. While business is business no matter where you go, there is a certain level of nuance associated with doing business in Hong Kong.

You need to present the right physical ‘face’ to the world, and if you get it right you stand to reap the rewards. If you get it wrong it’s potentially catastrophic! Having the right kind of look and feel for your office is a vital part of your success.

Hong Kong is located very centrally in Asia, and your business will be able to access half of the world’s population with just a four or five hour flight. This is just one of the many powerful reasons why Hong Kong is so vital for business. If you’re wanting to find out more about the key things to consider when looking for a serviced office in Hong Kong then you’re in the right place.

Location is vital
Hong Kong is very centrally located for business on the southern end of China. The main centres of business are located on Hong Kong Island – with the exception of Tsim Sha Tsui which is placed on the tip of Kowloon. With rental prices reaching dizzying heights in Hong Kong, you need to make sure that you choose the right space to locate your business.

There are a number of districts in Hong Kong which are used for various types of business. If you go too far away from the Central district (even by a hundred metres or so) you’ll be out of the financial district and smack bang in the neighbourhood of Sheung Wan, a centre for Chinese medicine and herbs, cafes, teashops and goods. This is not where you want to be to give the impression of being a successful financial business!

Serviced officeAppearance is important
When you’re choosing the kind of space for your business to be housed in you need to make sure that you have an office that is stylish without being overdone, and modest without being too austere. Striking the right balance will ensure that your visiting Chinese and foreign business associates will feel comfortable.

The decor needs to echo your company values, so be sure to enlist the aid of a serviced office furnishing company in Hong Kong. There are many that specialise in this kind of decoration, so you will be able to pick and choose based on your budget and taste.

Don’t scrimp on the details
When choosing the various services that will come as part of your serviced office you need to make sure that you have a receptionist and boardroom service if you need it, and any of the other trappings of your business. It’s important that you keep your business clients at the forefront of your thinking.

By choosing a serviced office in Hong Kong you are getting all of the prestige and benefits of a full-time office, without the costs of running it. This will be highly beneficial for your business as you forge your path in the Hong Kong business world.

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