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The many uses of a garden room

SunSpaces garden roomDuring the winter months, many of us forget that we have a garden altogether.

As skies cloud over and nights draw in, the chances of us going outside dwindle away to zero and the house once more starts to feel overcrowded and claustrophobic.

However there is a way to increase your living space while experiencing the pleasure of the great outdoors all year round, say SunSpaces in today’s sponsored post.

A garden room is a versatile addition to any home, giving you more time in your treasured garden while enjoying the cosy warmth of your home’s interior.

Of course a garden room is very similar to a conservatory, but there are so many more uses for the extra space. Here are some of the most popular uses for garden rooms.

The home office

With more people working from home, at least part time, a home office has become an essential space in many homes. Unfortunately, with house prices on the rise, it can be difficult to afford a property with enough space to convert into a work room, with no bedroom to spare. A garden room represents the ideal solution. With its airy feel, plenty of natural light and pleasant perspective it is also an inspirational environment in which to work productively.

Children’s play space

If you are sick of children’s toys and clutter all over your living room, the ideal way to solve the problem is to add on a garden room. This restricts the children’s mess to just one area of the home with their own dedicated and child-proofed room, and gives them a dedicated place to play with easy access to the outdoors on warm and sunny days. 

Dining room

Many modern new-build properties have been designed without a formal dining room in the original plans. While many homes have a combined kitchen diner or lounge/dining room, nothing really beats the elegance and sophistication of having a formal separate dining space.

With the modern trend of having two reception rooms, a garden room is the ideal way to give yourself this extra space, and what more pleasant environment to dine in? With a lovely view of the garden even during the winter, you can even open the doors to enjoy the warm breezes and fresh air for an al fresco experience during the summer. SunSpaces provides a great range of garden rooms to enjoy.

Garden lounge

Today’s home decoration trends are all about bringing the outdoors indoors and vice versa, but the UK’s unpredictable weather makes this a challenge. Not when you have a garden room. Creating a garden lounge in this newly added space enables you to enjoy all the benefits of the garden when the weather is fine combined with the comfort and warmth of your home’s heating system when the weather is poor. 

Garden spa

The luxury of a private hot tub is something that most homeowners would love, but the British weather means that it would get very little use if it was located in the garden. However when installed in a garden room, you can enjoy the pleasant outdoor environment while safely sheltered from the elements.

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