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Pet Fursday – Lily the office manager

Pet Fursday - Lily the office manager

Lily works with Executive PA Sheena Russell:

Lily is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and came to me as an 8 week old puppy 3 ½ years ago. Prior to having her, we had a tri-colour called Sammy who sadly passed away at age 10. I was devastated (as were the whole family) and really found it hard to manage around the office without my little companion and quickly decided that another little angel was needed.

Lily is a little sweetie and is never far from my side – in fact I have to be careful not to wheel my chair over her she sits so close sometimes. She’s very patient but after an hour or so gets up for a wander and this reminds me that I should get away from my desk.

It’s been known for her to start jumping up and grabbing at the mouse if it’s after 5pm and she deems it cuddle time! It’s also great to have someone to talk to and she’s very good at maintaining confidentiality.

She has a few endearing little quirks. For instance, she will eat her dinner alone if I’m not in the house (or so I’m told) but when I’m here she paws my leg and stares at me until I take handfuls out of her dish and put it on the floor in front of her to eat.

She also likes to sleep in my bedroom and has a nice cuddle before wandering off to settle either at the end of the bed or on the floor – this is strange as she does actually have a bed of her own in our room but chooses to hardly ever use it.

If Lily was human I think she’d be a good counsellor or motivational speaker… she’s definitely got the knack of getting people up to do what she thinks they should!

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Sheena is a highly experienced PA who provides secretarial and administrative support. You can see where she works if you scroll halfway down the Spare Room Home Offices gallery.

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