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Celebrating Garden Office Week

Celebrating Garden Office Week - Smart Garden Offices#GardenOfficeWeek continues with this sponsored post from Smart Garden Offices on their 4 favourite reasons to celebrate garden offices this week:

Garden Office Week is fantastic for many reasons and we’re very happy to be celebrating it with Work from Home Wisdom.

Plus, with the start of spring just around the corner and some new exciting changes for Smart, we have a whole list of reasons why this week really is the week to focus on garden offices. The list goes on and on, so below are our top 4!

1. It coincides perfectly with our favourite season that’s fast approaching…spring! Not only do we get to celebrate and indulge in all things garden office and spring-like, we also start to hear from lots of customers about the ideas they’ve been storing away all winter.

2. It gives us the perfect opportunity to get nostalgic. It’s wonderful how one idea can change the world. Smart may not yet have not reached global heights, and maybe the idea of changing the world is us getting ideas above our station. However, we celebrated our birthday this month, and we also get to celebrate garden offices this week. So that means at Smart we can reflect on how far we’ve come since our owner Charlie began, and how his idea has turned us into the leading manufacturers of garden offices in the UK.

3. We love the idea of creating a solution for home workers across the UK. Garden offices are getting more and more popular and working from home is exactly the same. Yet it’s still not always the first solution that pops into people’s minds, if they’re looking for a lesser commute or more space to work and get creative. We may be biased however we think it should be, as it’s so simple and easy.

4. Finally, Garden Office Week gives us the chance to start talking to even more people who are exploring the idea or who are raring to get started on their new project. We can’t wait either, with our brand new factory and launch of our new Ultra range we can’t think of a better time to start a garden office project!

Smart Garden Offices
are specialists in garden offices and garden studios; designing and manufacturing our range of fantastic buildings here, in our own British factory.

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