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Bad home working habits – and how to break them

Bad home working habits - Ali Lawrence It’s all too easy to drift into bad home working habits, isn’t it?

Freelance writer Ali Lawrence suggests ways you can replace them with good habits:

Working from home has its benefits, but the transition from going to an office surrounded by people isn’t always smooth for the workers who have to make the changeover.

In fact, I’ve had quite a few bumps in the road as I steered toward work at home success. Below are some of the bad home working habits that I broke, and the new ones I adopted.

Bad habit 1 – Not getting up at the same time every day
When you work from home, staying in bed later than usual is a temptation that’s tough to resist. The problem is that getting up at 6:30 a.m. turns into getting up at 8:00 a.m. or later too quickly.

New habit: Now, I try to get up at a consistent time that will allow me to start working early, rather than scrambling to catch up with my long-distance colleagues who have already gotten the jump on projects.

Bad habit 2 – Doing housework when I should be doing office work
Yes, the dirty dishes and laundry are calling, but does that mean you should ignore their cries to be cleaned? The answer is “Absolutely!” When I began working from home, I got so distracted by everything around me that I forgot to do the job that was paying me!

New habit: I do the housework during my lunch break or after standard work hours instead of when I can be most productive. I also still expect the rest of my family members to help.

Bad habit 3 – Surfing the internet all day
Even in workplaces, it’s tough not to surf the ‘net. At home, it’s especially difficult to resist the desire to check in with Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. When you’re left unchecked, you think it’s a-okay to keep your social media accounts at your fingertips, but they’re just time-suckers.

New habit: I schedule times when I’m allowed to check my Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. That keeps me looking forward to those moments when I can reconnect without sacrificing my precious work time!

Bad habit 4 – Never having a real life
This is a tough one for people who work at home, because if your home is your workplace, you start feeling like you’re always on the job. Here’s the issue, though: Not only does this negatively affect your family and social lives, but it can start to become expected by your colleagues that you’re always available.

New habit: I’m pretty strict about when I’m no longer available, and I try to stand by those designated times. This avoids conflict with coworkers and my supervisors. While I can be flexible if there’s a last-minute project due, I’m no longer treating my house as if it’s a place where only work can be done.

Bad habit 5 – Eating all day
This might sound a bit silly, but it’s absolutely a problem that can end up showing up around your waistline in a hurry. When the fridge is steps away and no one can see you scarfing down three pieces of cake from the night before, it’s just far too tempting to indulge.

New habit: I try to eat when I’m hungry, rather than when the leftovers are calling! Plus, I plan for gym time or at least a brisk walk or jog outside around noon. If I do feel like snacking, instead I drink water.

Wrapping it up
As we all know bad habits are notoriously hard to break. However, they CAN be broken and/or replaced by ones that will serve you well! I promise that you’ll be thankful that you made changes in your work style. Who knows? You may end up giving yourself a promotion!

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Ali Lawrence is a freelance content specialist and blogger at Homey Improvements. In her free time, she enjoys cooking healthy meals in her apple-red kitchen and binge reading fantasy novels.

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