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Whiteboard paint review

With whiteboard paint you can write on the walls for a treat this Thursday!

Smart Wall Paint whiteboard paintIt’s Thursday Treat time here and on,

the blog that tracks down bargains

and finds the nicer things in life for less.

Today we’re letting our imaginations run riot

and writing our best ideas on the wall!

Do you ever get fed up with scrawling on bits of paper and Post It notes that then get lost or are illegible when you try and read them again?

Whiteboard paint is an amazing invention that transforms a wall into a whiteboard you can write on with coloured whiteboard pens and then wipe clean. A great way to get all your ideas down before you forget them, and brighten up your home office wall at the same time.

So we were delighted when Smart Wall Paint offered us a whiteboard paint kit to review. Our popular guest blogger Francesca Geens of Digital Dragonfly, who helps independent professionals with technology, got in the decorators, and reported back on the process of preparing, painting and using the wall.

Her verdict? Five out of five stars, and she’d like to paint more walls with whiteboard paint so her children can let their artistic side flourish too.

If you prefer a less radical treat this Thursday, our readers have also been reviewing vegan lip balms. Until I discussed it with Michele of Oh! Organics I’d never realised that vegans can’t use most lip balms because they contain beeswax, and vegans don’t use anything produced by living creatures.

So home business owner Michele has sourced an alternative ingredient, candelilla wax, which comes from the euphorbia plant, for her vegan-friendly lip balms.

Thank you, writer’s coach Leda Sammarco, artist and website creator Lisa McLoughlin, and Olivia Carr of Flexiforce, for trying out fruity Honey and Peach, Lemon and Lime, and Mandarin Oh! Organics lip balms and writing your reviews for us.

work from home secrets

#TreatThursday medium badgeToday Penny Golightly is talking to occupational psychologist, Dr Richard MacKinnon, who helps clients with issues such as stress management, work-life balance and personal productivity. So click over to Penny Golightly now.

I wonder what Dr MacKinnon would make of the things home workers write on the walls…

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  1. Nix says:

    Hi Judy,

    Great review! As the reviewer has used and reviewed both the Ideapaint and SmartWall products, I wonder if she could provide an insight into which one she thinks is better?