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Hurrah for #TreatThursday


It’s #TreatThursday again.

It’s a short working week.

But I reckon we still deserve a treat, don’t you?

So does Penny Golightly, who’s linking with me again for #TreatThursday.

I know that many of you are like me and love a mooch around a stationery shop, happily losing track of time amongst the notebooks, cards and files. Strangely enough I also like a wander round kitchen shops, despite being no cook, and I find hardware stores fascinating.

There is a hardware shop in the town where my parents live that was there when I was a little girl, and whenever I visit them I’m always drawn in. From a citrus green washing-up bowl to chunky clips for food bags I usually bring something home.

The great thing about this kind of browsing is that you can buy an item or two and feel perfectly justified, because it’s for the house. But by choosing carefully you can also give your regular routines a boost, and make teatime, and even the washing-up, a more pleasurable experience.

There has been much talk of turning around the fashion at M&S, but the home department seems to have had a makeover too. I’ve spotted some classy vases and clocks lately, and I also like their colourful tea towels.

Recently I popped into TK Maxx and stumbled on this Royal Worcester plate for only £3. I love blue and white china and I think the flowers are part of a traditional pattern that’s been blown up and positioned with plenty of white space between.

I prefer to buy just one or two items of the same thing to mix and match with other bits and pieces rather than a matching set, and the plate goes well with my other white and cream pieces.

As well as brightening up mealtimes, if you’re watching your weight, choosing a really nice plate or glass that’s a bit smaller than you’re used to is a good way to cut down on calories without feeling deprived!

TK Maxx has lots of other bargains if you want to liven up your kitchen without spending much. Joseph Joseph, for example, are very clever at designing kitchenware, but their prices can be a bit eyewatering unless you can find reductions.

And there’s also a nice range of boards and tools made out of olivewood, which can cost a fortune in a deli or kitchen shop.

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#TreatThursday medium badgeToday my conspirator in treats Penny Golightly talks to blogger Judy Johnson, who writes for Get the Gloss, the top health and beauty blog. I bet she has some good non-kitchen related treats for #TreatThursday. Although I hear she’s not keen on pedicures…

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