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It’s Thursday Treat Time!

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Today I’m launching Thursday Treat Time

with fellow blogger Penny Golightly.

I reward myself with little treats all the time,

and frankly I couldn’t do without them!

Penny shares bargain-hunting tips on her award-winning blog.

She loves finding all the nicer things in life for less,

just like me 🙂

At Thursday Treat Time here and on we’ll be discussing the importance of treats, discovering new and purse-friendly ways of treating ourselves, and asking readers about their favourite indulgences.

For our first Thursday Treat Time I interview Parissa Janaraghi, the founder of Movie Quotes and More. Her site is dedicated to collecting film quotes (and more!) for those of us that want to freely obsess over our favorite movies.

Find out how Parissa gives herself treats without paying the earth, and what her ultimate treat would be. (Clue – it would bring her closer to Hollywood!)

Iris Murdoch once wrote: ‘One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats, and if some of these can be inexpensive and quickly procured so much the better’. Do treats make your own life better, and how often do you treat yourself?

Yes, most definitely. They give me something to look forward to and in fact sometimes even make me more productive.

I try and treat myself once a week if I can. Sometimes time doesn’t allow that but now that I’ve gone from an office job to working from home I find that it’s even more important to make the time to treat myself now and again so I don’t waste the precious time I never had when I was working in an office.

Do you have a favourite no-cost treat? What is it, and how does it improve your day?

My favorite no cost treat is going for a walk and on the days I really feel energetic it’s going for a jog. Both activities make me feel energized and full of life, especially if I’ve had a difficult day or I’m just feeling down. I feel the fresh air and the exercise give me a new
perspective on things.

I remember when I used to work full-time in my office job how much I used to look forward to going for a walk in my lunch hour and how this sole activity helped me get through the day when I was feeling so down and depressed.

Treat Thursday - Parissa JanaraghiIf you had £10 or less to purchase yourself a little treat, what would it be? Where would you buy it, and why?

Starbucks latte is my favorite low cost treat as I don’t do it often and I love their coffees.

What are the best things about your favourite cheap treat?

I love coffee and to me it’s indulgent as I can never make my coffee at home taste the same as Starbucks one. I enjoy it the most when I’m meeting with a friend and we catch up over a lovely cup of coffee and cake.

In the photo you can see me enjoying a Starbucks coffee when I was in San Francisco about a year ago.

One woman’s treat might be another’s torture! Is there anything that other people enjoy that you would do anything to avoid?

I am one of those people that just simply has no taste for alcohol, so I have never enjoyed any alcoholic drinks. In a culture where drinking is the norm I certainly felt the pressure to conform when I was younger.

But I quickly managed to outgrow pleasing others and trying to fit in, and just accepted that people will sometimes judge me for not drinking (and believe me they do!).

I have nothing against people drinking but I just cannot stand the taste of it so I have never seen how this could be a treat to anyone.

What would your ultimate treat be if you had unlimited resources, time or funds?

Having the money to move to California and live out the rest of my life in a place I’ve always found pleasure in.

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Thursday treat time medium badgeNow pop over to Thursday Treat Time on to find out how to make sure you always have a few pounds set aside ready for a little treat when the need arises. Go on, you know you deserve it 🙂

What are your favourite treats? Let us know in the comments, particularly if you’ve found a good source of inexpensive goodies!

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