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Bath Jelly on film

Now on a screen near you – Bath Jelly filmed by The Guardian

Bath Jelly on filmThe latest video on The Guardian Small Business Network –

Bath Jelly attendees talk about the benefits of Jelly

and what happens at a Jelly coworking event.

When the editor of The Guardian Small Business Network asked me about a Jelly her team could film for the website, I thought she would probably go for an event in London. That would have been the easiest option, after all, so I was delighted when she told me they were planning to come to a Bath Jelly event hosted by coworking space The Guild.

But then the great British weather intervened, flooding the train lines and causing havoc on services out of Paddington, and it looked like the filming might be rained off. Fortunately Mark the cameraman is made of sterner stuff and set off from Kent early in the morning, flying along deserted motorways to arrive in record time.

In fact the ‘team’ turned out to be Mark, who filmed and interviewed us, and who could get a decent interview out of the most tongue-tied Jellyer. Naturally we also enjoyed his stories of filming celebrities and which of them were nice to work with and which were nightmares!

On the video you’ll see the attendees talking about the benefits of Jelly for home workers and small business owners, and what actually happens at a Jelly event. As Marietta says about working from home – ‘Most days I love…being able to think without too many interruptions… other days it feels a little bit lonely and I’d like to talk to people.’

The advantage for Louise is that ‘You get to build your network. It does really connect you to a community of people.’

Jennie found that attending Jelly gives you the chance to experience coworking and decide if it’s something that would benefit you and your business – ‘Jelly was the bridge to moving out of home. I got to experience the coworking environment and the options there were to do that on a regular daily basis.’

View the video hereJelly: taking the isolation out of running a business from home

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  1. Jake says:

    Hey Judy, I think that there should be more events like Jelly. Yep, we need to go out from our burrows 🙂 and see the world.

    At a real live event you build your network in a different way. It’s not like adding friends on Facebook! It’s an important experience for anyone.

    • Ha, yes, they do become burrows if you’re not very careful! And we become timid bunnies afraid to poke our noses out, so it’s best to make meetings and events a regular priority in your diary.