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The problems of commuting: how a garden office can help

Garden Office Week – The Garden Office – how to cut out the commute

A garden office cuts the commute - The Garden OfficeThe Garden Office brings Autumn Garden Office Week to a close with a sponsored post on the benefits of a two minute commute down the garden:

Even people who really love their work would likely wish away their commute at times.

This part of the day can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back when it comes to work-life-balance.

After a hard day doing your best at work, an extra journey before even seeing the comfort of home is the last thing most of us want to have to face.

And with most offices opening their doors bright and early, an even earlier start can really make gearing up for the working day an extra challenge.

What most of us would prefer is to keep the time between waking up and being at our desks at a minimum. Long enough to come around and enjoy a cup of coffee and breakfast, yes, but not extended by a journey that’s tiresome in many ways:

  • Commuting can be costly, with one recent Quidco survey putting an average monthly price tag of £161 on workers’ fees for parking, train tickets and fuel costs.
  • Meanwhile, little irritants can affect commuters, with 58.6 per cent saying they get annoyed if people fail to use headphones or turn the volume up too high on personal devices playing video and music.
  • In the same uSwitch survey, a distracted 4.8 per cent indicated they had missed a stop because of using their tablet or phone.
  • On top of all this, it’s well know that stress can have an affect on how healthy you are in a variety of ways, and commuting can also come into play here. Some people can cope with commuting better than others. But if you’re getting very stressed because of the commute, and the way this makes you live your life, then you might see improvement in your health by cutting out this part of the day.

As well as providing you with a great working space that you can decorate exactly to your tastes, a garden office can be positioned mere moments from your home.

A separate and self-contained working space that isn’t filled with the daily distractions of your main house, a garden office is nevertheless a brilliantly convenient place to work – creating a scenario that gives you the best of both worlds.

Just imagine being able to stroll down the garden to your place of work, perhaps with your morning cup of coffee still in your hand and the scent of the flowers growing around you.

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4 Comments on "The problems of commuting: how a garden office can help"

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  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Judy,

    All compelling reasons to work from your garden. Agreed fully 😉


  2. Bryan says:

    Its certainly a better solution to divide work and family if you work from home. Thats been my problem, still thinking about work when with the family. My dad is in the process of building me a garden office at the moment so looking forward to when its finished!