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New in Office Product Reviews – iPhone charger case

Office product reviews - Maxi Charger iPhone 5 charger caseI’ve just added to our product reviews section. One of our panel of home workers has tested and reported on the Maxi Charger iPhone 5 charger case and given their verdict on its usefulness for a home worker on the move.

In the Office Product Reviews the review of IdeaPaint whiteboard paint has been very popular. It seems we all like the idea of thinking big and writing on the wall!

We also have product reviews the panel has carried out on other vital pieces of kit for home working life. Coffee plays a huge part in our routines and so we’ve tested a wide range of coffee makers from the humble filter cone to expensive machines. The review of the De’Longhi Icona machine in particular gets lots of hits.

My post about the best way to carry everything I need for a day of meetings was a surprise hit and resulted in lots of comments about readers’ personal favourites. We’ve tried out a number of laptop bags, from smart ladylike bags to boyish backsacks, including my current favourite leather satchel.

Online courses are a great way to keep up with industry and technology developments and we’ve put some to the test. And you can find out what people say about my book Work from Home and see reviews of other books that will help your business and provide some good reading post-work.

As the year draws on and the weather gets colder you’ll no doubt be adding layers to stay warm in your home office! We have a variety of ways to keep warm that don’t break the bank and are environmentally friendly. I’ve unearthed my sheepskin boots from the cupboard and will wear them without socks until it gets colder.

We’re happy to carry out product reviews on any products or services that home workers use regularly, so get in touch if you make or provide something that fits the bill and would like a little PR.

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