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Easy snacks for home working – Greek style

Easy snacks - Diona & Kalliopi, mammasworkathome.grI’m delighted to have Greek readers Diona and Kalliopi of Mammas Work at Home back on the blog today. Here are their suggestions for Greek style easy snacks to make for your home working breaks:

Working from home is surely a choice with many advantages but sometimes it can be counterproductive when home workers cannot resist the temptation of having just another snack break. Taking a trip to the kitchen, preparing a cup of coffee and enjoying a choc chip cookie or two gets us away from work for a little while and provides good company when coming back to our home working space.

Here are some easy snacks that are popular in Greece:

Easy snacks - mini pieCrispy mini pie: pies are very popular and appreciated in Greek cuisine. All you need is two pieces of dough and you may add any sort of mix you can think of in between. Mini pies can be either baked or deep fried for extra crispiness. White cheese, yellow cheese, spinach or any other vegetable, eggs, milk or cream, chopped or minced meat are some of the ingredients you can use to make mini pies.

Cut the dough in little pieces, add the mix of your choice, fold them in triangles or just roll them as spring rolls and deep fry them into a pan with hot oil. 

For a bigger pie, you take one bigger piece of dough, spread on a tray, add the mix and cover it with another big piece of dough and put it in the oven.

Cretan tomato salad or dakos: rusk or any kind of hard baked bread topped with olive oil, or even some water to soften it a bit, chopped tomatoes, feta or any white cheese and fresh or dried oregano. You may have just a small rusk for a quick finger food snack or enjoy a full salad bowl for lunch or dinner. Especially nice on a hot day.

Boiled coffee: ground coffee boiled with water, and the desired amount of sugar.

We use what we call a briki pot which is actually a small narrow pot with no lid on. You pour the exact amount of water your cup can contain into the briki. You add two spoonfuls of coffee and as much sugar as you like. The mix gets warm on the stove and you remove it right after it starts boiling and foam starts forming on the surface. You then serve it in your mug and leave it to rest. Allow for the grounds to settle before taking the first sip.

This is a nice video to get an idea of the Greek coffee making process.

Fruit preserves: pieces of or whole fresh fruit boiled with sugar preserved in glass jars that may be served on their own or as a topping on yogurt, ice cream, toast or crackers. Just be careful with the quantity you add, they can be much sweeter than jams or honey. Very tasty and a good energy boosting snack.

Fresh yogurt: also very popular as a snack or light lunch. You can add fresh fruit, honey or nuts or just enjoy a bowl of soft white yogurt.

Kali Oreksi – enjoy our easy snacks from Greece. And please let us see your photos if you try out any of the recipes!

Kalliopi and Diona run Mammasworkathome, the popular Greek language website for home working mums. You can see their home workspaces on Gallery 2 and read more about working from home in Greece.

Photo of mini pie by Maria Verivaki

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