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A guide to vehicle wrapping for your business

Information to include in vehicle wrapping

A guide to vehicle wrappingThere’s been interest on Work from Home Wisdom social media in the idea of using your vehicle as a mobile advert, so today’s sponsored post from ASAP UK covers what information you should share in vehicle wrapping and where to put it:

Outdoor advertising can be a very expensive way to get your company known. However, if you have a company van then why not try van signwriting or vehicle wrapping? This is an effective and cost-efficient form of advertising to promote your services in the areas in which you operate.

If you haven’t used vehicle wrapping before you may be unsure of what to include. There are some basic design principles that should be followed.

The information displayed should be quick to read and easy to remember. You will need to include your company name, contact details and a very brief idea of what you do. If this isn’t obvious from the company name you could use a design or image to explain the product or service. Photos can be used but you will need to check what quality and format your van sign writer requires.

Getting the design right can be tricky
While designs and pictures can be good to grab attention, they can also cloud the message if they are too busy or detailed, so make sure any artwork still allows the van signwriting to be clear and easily readable. If your design is too simple the van might be overlooked or fail to grab the attention of those who do see it.

While thinking about the right balance of simple clarity of message and striking design, it might help to keep in mind the fact that the design has to be legible to traffic passing at a distance and passers-by who will see it when the vehicle is stationary.

Less is more
How much information you put on your van and what areas can be covered will depend on the type of van. Most models will allow for sign writing on the side panel and the back door. While there will be spaces which can be sign-written such as the roof and bonnet, these are not places that will be easily seen, so unless you are having full vehicle wrapping don’t worry about putting anything on these spaces, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Where should the most important pieces of information be placed?
Back doors are good for communicating to vehicles behind when in queues or in motorway traffic. Side panels usually have the most space, which is ideal for passing pedestrians, in traffic and when stationary.

If you want to direct potential customers to more information you could try adding a QR code (Quick Response Barcode), which is quick to scan so that potential customers can get your contact details directly on to their phones. As well as sending customers to a specific landing page on your website, QR codes can also help to track the impact of your advertising by recording numbers of visitors using the code. This will help you to calculate your return on investment.

While there are many ways to incorporate your brand and message on to your company van, it is worth considering a few things that you should not display. Do not include too much information or unnecessary detail and avoid anything that is subject to change, such as prices or times of availability. Stick to a simple, clean message and leave the detail for your website, which is easier to change without cost implications.

Thinking that this might work for your business? Here’s more information on vehicle wrapping and van signwriting. And don’t forget we’d love to see your photos of your work vehicles in their new livery, and hear what the results are!

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