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Through the keyhole – paper sculpture

Intricate paper sculpture is made by this studio’s owner

Through the keyhole - Claire Brewster, paper sculptureI thought the third Through the Home Office Keyhole with a corner of a home studio might stump you, but maybe I should have used the photo that showed only scraps of paper and a craft knife! Two people got the right answer, and here is the artist to describe her life making paper sculpture:

My name is Claire Brewster, I am an artist who makes paper sculpture. I work from home. This sounds a bit like the beginning of a confession but it’s not, I work from home and absolutely love it.

I’ve been free (as I like to call it) for 6 months and can’t really remember what my life was like before, when I used to have to go out to work 3 days a week.

I am lucky enough to have a spare bedroom which is my studio space, though I have a habit of spreading out over the rest of my flat. One of the good things about living alone, I just have to make sure I do a swift tidy up before any visitors arrive.

I try to stick to a daily routine, though routines are not my strong points. I usually get up around 7.30 – 8ish and try to jump in the shower straight away, if not then I often find myself in my pj’s at 4pm, which is not great. Breakfast and then get down to work.

I try to make the mornings my studio time
and not check my email (too often) or social media. I often work on my paper sculpture until about 3 and then have lunch. I usually have an ongoing to do list for the week, so I work on what is the most pressing project at the time.

If I haven’t yet been out I go out for a walk and run any errands that need doing. And then spend a couple of hours dealing with emails and other admin tasks.

I make sure I schedule time every week where I get out and meet people, and twice a week I go and do a pilates class first thing, which is great way to start the day and get a bit of socialising in. I also like to have an afternoon nap somewhere between 3 and 4pm, I find it really helps me focus in the afternoon and is one of the perks of working for myself and at home.

The time will come sometime soon when I will need a bigger space for my paper sculpture and will have to get a studio space away from home, but until then I’m loving my time at home.

Visit Claire’s website to see the delicate paper sculpture she makes from old and out of date maps and atlases. She has exhibited her work widely and it is held in public and private collections all over the world.

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