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July 2013 Work from Home Tips & Ideas

Our latest batch of Work from Home Tips is out today

July Work from Home Tips & IdeasOur Work from Home Tips & Ideas email goes out regularly to subscribers with the pick of our latest topics. It’s one of Freelance Advisor’s 5 Freelancer Mailing Lists You Need to Subscribe To Right Now, so sign up in the box on the right if you’re not already on the list!

Here are our latest work from home tips to help you be happier, more productive and more profitable working from home:

Are you new to the freelance life or thinking that maybe you could do it better? Sarah Megginson has successfully made the transition from employee to freelance writer and provides some useful pointers in 3 things you need to know as a freelancer, such as why Carrie Bradshaw isn’t a good role model for an aspiring freelancer!

Earlier this year I was shocked to find a troll attack on my Amazon book page. It had never entered my head that I’d be targeted in this way, but the truth is that anyone who has an online presence runs the risk. Find out what it’s like to be attacked by a troll in the blog post it took me months to be able to write.

Trolling is one of the darkest sides of the internet, but Twitter has always been a pleasure and source of invaluable information for me. I’m sharing my 17 top people for home workers to follow on Twitter. These are the places I go for sound advice and to kick back and relax when I need a lighter read.

In fact it was a chat on Twitter that inspired our new series Through the Home Office Keyhole, in which we have a sneaky look at an unknown home worker’s workspace and readers are invited to guess who works there. Our first mystery guest was the person who sparked the series – click on the link above to see her where she works and who she is.

Also on the theme of workspaces is the helpful post from Bella Edgley of Bou Design on finding vintage and antique pieces for your home office. Bella suggests mixing old and new for a unique place to work, and gives tips on what to look for to make sure you get a useful piece. And if your tastes change, you can sell it on and make some money to replace it.

The Home Office Galleries are a very popular section of the blog and we’re always pleased to share photos of your own workspace, wherever it is, as well as the work from home tips you’ve found useful and would like to pass on. Get in touch if you’d like to be part of the blog and have some free PR!

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