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Sad news of Winnie the home working greyhound

Faithful home working companion

Unusual home working jobs - the greyhoundYesterday I received a very sad email from Elaine Pritchard, also known as The Lady of the House (LOTH) by Winnie, who was her greyhound home working companion and the first dog blogger ever to appear in my blog. Here is what Elaine said:

‘It’s been a very sad week in our house as after a very very short illness Winnie died in her sleep at the vets in the early hours of Tuesday.

‘As you can imagine, we are all heartbroken. It was so sad to have only had her in our lives for a little over 28 months and to lose her a week before Christmas. She loved the two Christmases she had with us so much. There was nothing she loved more than lots of people and fuss – and of course presents.

‘Anyway, thank you for her little bit of fame on your great website. Having had her with me every day since I went freelance I can’t imagine home working life without her. Her quiet companionship was a joy and at least I am comforted by knowing that I told her how much I loved her every day.

‘But she was always such a good girl who was NO trouble at all it’s perhaps no coincidence that she left us when I was breaking up for a Christmas break so I have a couple of weeks to adjust to life without her – and hopefully to stop crying – before my home working routine starts again.

‘But I am so sad that the plans I had for a third fabulous family Christmas with her will not happen.’

I thought all my home working readers with pets would like to hear the news. You can read about Winnie’s adventures with the LOTH at Winnie’s Dog Blog. Rest in peace, Winnie.

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