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Fifty shades of grey stallion

Danilon, the Spanish grey stallion talks about his home working portfolio career

Work from Home Wisdom - Danilon, fifty shades of grey stallionHi, Danilon, as the resident grey stallion of Ednovean Farm, can you start by filling us in with a little of your background
Good Morning Judy what a pleasure to meet you. I enjoy meeting all humans particularly if they have a Polo mint for me?? No? Well I forgive you for the first meeting.

Now I was born just outside of Madrid on a large stud Yeguada Susaeta and travelled to England to take charge of Ednovean Farm when I was four years old.

It was a very long journey for me – would you believe I had to stand all the way across the Pyrenees, up through France and finally travel by boat to England – it took me three days with overnight stops to rest.

But I was determined to take up my new post as every grey stallion needs his own place you know, somewhere special to call their own. Did I mention that I am Pura Raza Espanola, a very ancient refined breed of horse and my pedigree has some of Spain’s most prestigious bloodlines?

I believe you are an eligible bachelor popular with the ladies?
Of course but I also have my own wives you know, just a small group here on the farm of four lovely thoroughbreds and I am also available strictly by Artificial Insemination to other ladies.

Does this mean personal grooming is an important part of your job?
Absolutely vital my dear – I may call you that I hope? Yes of course. I am a metallic silver white colour with a flowing mane and tail and I have to make sure I am in tip top condition.

My personal carer uses a specialist shampoo with a hint of blue to bring out the highlights in my coat, and my mane and tail are brushed twice a day with a spritz of conditioner to keep them tangle-free and prevent breakage.

I often entertain our B&B guests to a private audience and so appearance is so important and as they do say ‘all of the world is a stage’. Every time I step outside of the gate or my picture goes onto the internet I must look the best a grey stallion can.

I also train every day to keep myself at peak fitness, typically taking about four or five miles exercise each morning and then perfecting my dressage moves at home to build strength and suppleness.

Have you sired many offspring? Where are they and what are they doing now?
Ah yes, the important part of my work. My first son and daughter Archie and Amie are now three years old and about to start training. They will be my first ambassadors to spread the word of my best qualities with the hope of attracting a few more beautiful wives.

After this, I have three two year olds, Magic and Sophie, with Dandy from a brief fling in Marazion. Bodkin is my youngest and strangely, after that all of my wives developed a headache which I am told may last until after the recession.

Do you have any other duties at Ednovean Farm?
Why, of course I keep the whole place running. My ‘mission control’ is just beside the house and so I can monitor all of the to-ing and fro-ing of our guests. I like to personally welcome everybody who arrives and occasionally will come out to pose for our B&B guests, although I do appreciate a Polo for this service.

I have a web site, my own blog, and of course a Facebook page to keep in touch with my friends and readers of my book The Silver Stallion from Spain.

(Thanks to Danilon’s tireless efforts, Ednovean Farm has just had its B&B five star gold status confirmed by the AA for another year).

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  1. How lovely to meet another four-legged homeworker. I’m off to visit your blog next. Judy really does find the BEST guest bloggers.

  2. Ola Judy, So nice to read your interview and I think my photo came out qutie well no? So the winter comes no?! not good for a spanish chap, more rugs, more rugs and then I wait for zee spring. Keep warm and save a litttle hay for the morning Love Danilon your newest fan xx

    • Judy says:

      Ola, Danilon, and thanks to you for a fabulous interview. I think the photo did you justice, highlighting your beautiful mane. I’m sure there will be plenty of surfing mares eyeing it with interest.