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Home business owners – stay at your ‘optimum’

Keep your home business moving forward

Home business owners - tips from Claire Habel

Claire Habel is the founder of Inspiring Futures through which she helps her clients – who number many home business owners – fulfil their business potential:

As you will know, there are a multitude of factors that will dictate the success of your home business from the quality of your product or service through to the effectiveness of your marketing.

However, the factor that I focus on a lot through my work with clients and which often holds the key to drastic results is you, as the home business owner.

It’s not to say that I think every decision in business is personal; far from it. Your marketing for instance needs to focus first and foremost on your customers’ needs. However, as the owner of a home business, you are the driving force behind it, the one constant that will shape, invest in, work hard at, adapt and develop your business so that it in time, reaches the objectives you set for it.

Because of this, you are vital. Your business, when small, can almost be seen as a mirror of you the owner…

If you’re feeling happy and buoyant and are moving forward so will your business. When you’re feeling the opposite, you may well have noticed a similar pattern.

As a home business owner, you’ve got such a valuable role to play therefore taking care of your specific needs is of the utmost importance. If you have ever worked for anyone else, you would remember the importance of feeling valued, of having clear targets to work towards, of feeling supported and invested in and can probably remember the impact this had on how you felt and performed. Now you run your own business, all of these things are still really important for the same reasons.

Keeping your morale high, aside from helping you feel great, will help you to fuel and drive your business forward.

So, as a bit of a check-in on how you’re currently feeling and performing, take a look at the questions below:

1. Are you playing to your strengths and doing what you do best? If not, what could you do about this?

2. Think of the last time you felt you performed at i) your best and ii) your worst? In each case, what were the causes and what can you learn from this?

3. Do you think you’re making the most of your own resources and those around you?

4. Do you have support, both personally and within your business?

5. Are you working productively and feeling focused and efficient?

6. Do you feel confident in driving your business forward or are there areas where your confidence could improve?

Don’t be concerned if you feel there are areas that you could improve on. These simply indicate areas of opportunity for you to change things for the better.

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