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Setting up a home office – infographic

My clever one-man IT department, A of See a Man About a Blog, has produced this infographic for me. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did making it!

Please feel free to share it. We have provided the embed code below the infographic for you to put on your blog or website. If you are interested in producing one for yourself, A used Piktochart to create this one.

Setting up a Home Office – An infographic by the team at Work from Home Wisdom

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  1. One extra thing which I always check is availability and amount of electric sockets and location of the main telephone socket. Nothing worse than deciding where you want to set up your office and finding that you have no power and a compromised broadband speed due to having to have an extension socket rather than going through the master socket.

    As I do some pretty heavy duty work with blogs (backing up sites of over 300 meg for instance) internet speed is important! you may be able to survive with a wireless connection.

  2. Lisbeth says:

    If you set up your office in the winter months, make sure you position the monitor(s) facing away from the windows… come spring/summer you’ll be blinded by the glare and have to turn the whole office around. Why yes, I do speak from experience!

  3. Elena Anne says:

    Great post. I love blogs in this format. The visual impact is great and make it very easy to digest the information.