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Home workers celebrate Jellyweek

Frome Jelly in action by Sarah GodsillFurther to my post about the necessity for home workers to keep connected in order to stay positive, I should mention that this week is Worldwide Jellyweek, in which this unique business event is being celebrated all over the globe.

Fortuitously, yesterday just happened to be the day on which Frome Jelly falls, and here is an artist’s impression of a couple of the attendees in a (rare?) moment of concentration between laughter and cake eating. The artist is Sarah Godsill, who is usually to be found capturing much grander events like weddings.

Jelly brings together random groups of people from many industries and professions. As well as Sarah, yesterday’s Frome Jelly at The Old Church School consisted of a trainer and coach, two IT specialists, a legal consultant, a PR expert, and an international development and human rights professional. Wow! I highly recommend Jelly as a unique way of:

  • getting out of the house
  • meeting new people you’d otherwise never run into
  • picking up bits of advice, particularly on those aggravating IT glitches that can hold you up
  • helping out other people and realising that they respect and value the experience and knowledge you possess, which you probably normally dismiss as obvious and commonplace
  • clearing up some boring old jobs that have been pushed down the to do list for weeks
  • catching up on local gossip
  • having a good laugh
  • gaining a whole new perspective on your life and work
  • eating cake (often homemade, yum)

All this with no requirement to stand up and talk about your business or listen to other people boring on about theirs. I’m pleased to see there’s lots of buzz on Twitter about new groups starting up in places all over the UK. To find out more and for help in setting up your own Jelly, check out my Jelly guide.

I know lots of readers are already committed Jelly-goers. Have I missed out any other Jelly benefits?

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  1. I arrived five minutes too late (just needed to catch the final hour of Jelly), after being let down by my car. I love coming as it forces me to get into some proper clothes!, combines with other errands, works really well with the after-school-club school run, prevents depression, reduces my heating bills & gives me hope that my new business is supported by a network of people with other small businesses and skills that I don’t have.
    I am in awe of Sarah’s sketching skills ever since I met her at baby classes where she told us that she sketched her son every day of his life. I have an ink sketch of my daughter on my office wall for inspiration still (she’s now 11). So meeting up with old & new friends is one of the most valuable parts of Jelly for me.

    • judy says:

      Thanks, Katy, those are great reasons for attending Jelly. I particularly like – getting dressed properly, depression prevention and cutting heating bills! Will definitely note these for future use.
      I think Frome should become the first Jelly to have an official artist!