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Home working blog hits

Home working hitsVisits to my blog usually drop off noticeably at weekends. After all, most people want a change from their weekday routine and to stop thinking about work. So I couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked my stats on Saturday evening (yes, a bit sad, I know!) and there was a sharp spike in visits.

It turned out all these extra people were being referred by the Filofax blog, which had found my recent post about stationery being one of the pleasures of home working. Despite being listed mid-way down and with the rather crucial word ‘work’ omitted from the entry, lots of people were finding their way to my site.

I’ve noticed before that lots of retweets on Twitter or comments on my Work from Home Wisdom Facebook page can result from what were casual, spontaneous tweets and posts. Whereas often when I think I’ve come up with a corker and smugly click Send in anticipation of a big response, absolutely nothing happens.

So what conclusion to draw? I think it’s something to do with being authentic, writing about something because you are genuinely interested, and not because you are hoping it might impress. Sometimes something off-the-cuff and not particularly polished hits the spot far better than something you’ve reworked over and over in an effort to make it ‘right’.

As usually happens when I get a mention on a popular blog, the visits dropped off a bit the next day but I’m still getting extra traffic. Have you noticed a similar pattern with your own tweets or blog? What are your thoughts on those apparently random posts that have a big payback?

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  1. margaret says:

    That is REALLY interesting Judy. Thought provoking.
    Thank you, have a good time at the thing today XXXX