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My home working hero

Andy Britnell Home Working Hero

Several people have said to me recently that I’m very lucky to have my own IT department in the shape of my partner, Andy. I am indeed, and he is the power behind the site, keeping me on track with everything from setting up Skype calls to improving SEO, as well as working as a very insightful trainer and coach and dealing with his new and unexpected sideline, helping people set up their blogs.

Not only that, as he also works from home, he’s on hand to act in all kinds of other capacities, including chauffeur, gardener, chef, diplomat, musician, housekeeper, Reiki practitioner, comedian and supplier of all kinds of emotional and practical support.

This weekend we will have been together 18 years, although it hardly seems possible, and so I’d like to use this Thankful Thursday to acknowledge and appreciate his amazing help.

Lots of people contribute to making home working successful – spouses, partners, employees, friends, colleagues, mums, offspring…

Who is your working from home hero?

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  1. margaret says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to you both. It’s not easy to live and work in the same house, I should know I also live and work in the same house as Ian, my hubby.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Emma Windsor says:

    Wow I didn’t realise you were together. 18 years that is fantastic. Congratulations. Have a fabulous weekend.

  3. judy says:

    Thanks, Marg, I think we’re doing pretty well considering how much we’ve been thrown into each other’s company over the last few years! I never anticipated working together but I learnt a while ago never to say never…

  4. judy says:

    And thank you, Emma, we’re both stunned by how the time has gone. It really does seem to speed up!

  5. You guys are just the best and your hero is about to become my IT hero too 🙂 Congratulations and much love to you both for the weekend xx

  6. Sharon says:

    Many congratulations, my hubby drives me nuts sometimes but has always been there encouraging me to take leaps and be awesome.

    You are both lucky people 🙂