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Favourite home worker things No 4

Favourite work at home thingsEmma Windsor is a virtual PA and sent me a picture of her garden as well, but for some reason I can’t make it come out the right way up, so I’ll just show you her cute feline friend for now.
‘If the weather is good I like to go out and sit and be quiet for 5/10 mins. The cat may come and sit for awhile or I’ll watch her running around like a lunatic. If the weather is bad then I can see from office window or watch and stare whilst waiting for kettle to boil.
‘I can also see the school playground in the distance. I can’t make out my daughter but it is lovely to hear them playing.
‘All my clients work from home, many in the middle of nowhere. If I have to pop over I love being with nature and sometimes stroking their pets.
‘Lovely to be around beautiful things rather than sharp edges of office buildings and the heat of the city.’
Thank you to everyone who has sent pictures so far. I’ve more lined up ready to publish and look forward to seeing more of your home worker favourites.

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