Top 10 working from home tips

Working from home tips infographic

Top 10 working from home tips infographic

This colourful graphic can be found in photographer Rosie Bray’s blog. Rosie has just celebrated her first year in business and as well as her top 10 working from home tips, in her post she shares the 10 lessons she’s learnt during her first year.

As is so often the way, I can’t remember exactly how I ‘met’ Rosie, but it was quite likely via mutual friends on Twitter. We had a long chat when I was doing some research on new home workers, and Rosie sent me the photo of her living room home office for the Home Office Gallery. Journalist Huma Qureshi spotted the picture and included Rosie in her recent article about home offices in The Independent. You can now see it in the latest Home Office Gallery.

So my top working from home tip would be to participate in carefully chosen sites and social media as much as you have time for – you just never know where it might lead :-) Do you have a top tip to share with other home workers?

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Judy Heminsley is the founder and editor of Work from Home Wisdom. She believes in the benefits of home working for the individual, the family, the community and the planet. Judy set up one of the first Jelly groups in the UK and is the author of Work from Home (How to Books).

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  1. Get yourself a kitchen cabinet of 3 trusted friends or colleagues/family members – so that you can share your concerns and ideas, get positive feedback and support. Nothing works in isolation, least of all humans – we all need each other.

    Also, make sure you are looking after yourself – physically, mentally and emotionally. Have a small glass of water every hour (or so). Subscribe to an inspirational daily message. Bring awareness to body, releasing any tension that may be present in your jaw, shoulders, back, hands and feet.

    With love and laughter… Leesa.
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    • Judy says:

      Thanks, Leesa, the kitchen cabinet idea is great. I think working from home can have a distancing effect and make us feel as though we have to do everything ourselves, so having a small group of people to talk to is very helpful.

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    Brilliant graphic! I totally agree.
    And thanks for the new blog to follow!
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  3. posterJob says:

    Excellent article I have recently been made unemployed and I am thinking about starting my own company.

  4. Sarah says:

    Fab graphic although the ‘Not looking at emails’ tip is a bit difficult for me as that’s a major part of my job ;) Apart from that they’re FAB tips and I agree with ‘em all :)
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